24 Mystic Street
Methuen, MA 01844
Phone: (978) 682-8607
FAX: (978) 794-3534

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for housing?
You will need to complete an application and submit it to MHA. MHA staff will review it and be in contact with you. Applications may be downloaded from the Documents Page or picked up at our office at 24 Mystic Street.
How do I apply for Section 8 housing?
We are currently not accepting S8 application due to the long wait time. However you may apply to the Centralized S8 Wait List at www.section8listmass.org.
Does MHA have a local preference for Methuen residents?
Yes, there is a preference for Methuen residents on our housing program waiting lists. Applicants must be a resident of Methuen to receive preference.
How do I qualify for elderly housing?
A household whose head, spouse or sole member is over the age of 60 is eligible for our State-Aided elderly housing.
How do I qualify for disabled housing?
A person who is disabled as defined by Section 233 of the Social Security Act or in 42 US Code Section 6001(5) is eligible. Generally speaking, a disability refers to limitation of the ability to work or the presence of certain neurological conditions. Call MHA for more information.
How do I qualify for family housing?
Two or more persons sharing residency whose income and resources are available to meet the needs of the family and who are related by blood or marriage are eligible for family housing.
What size unit will I be eligible for?
Generally speaking, units are assigned so not less than 1 person and no more than 2 persons will occupy a bedroom. Married partners are expected to share a bedroom. Children of the same sex are expected to share a bedroom. Children of opposite sex if under the age of 6 may occupy the same bedroom. Use of the living room as a bedroom is not allowed.
How do I know if I am income eligible?
To be eligible to live in State-Aided public housing a household must meet certain income limits. Income limits can be found on the Documents page.
What will my rent be?
Rent is based on household income. Generally speaking you will pay no more than 30% of your adjusted monthly income as rent.